October 25, 2005

Japanese lantern with Fall colours.  Posted by Picasa

view across Nitobe Gardens pond.. might be a little dark in this version... sorry about that. Posted by Picasa

artsy close up of leaves fallen on the path in Nitobe Gardens Posted by Picasa

Two weeks until the main event!

Well, it is just two weeks until our PR class puts itself on the line by hosting a fundraising event for Covenant House Vancouver(CHV), the shelter for homeless street youth. Check out the links on the side bar, the CHV main page has a link to our event right at the top, so check things out! The event is called 'Mending Broken Wings, One Youth at a Time'.

If you're too lazy to follow the links...well, I can respect that, so here's the basic details. It will be a cocktail evening with a silent auction, and some guest speakers will say their two bits about all the good things that CVH does. I am the MC, so I'll get to say my two bits as well!

The last month ( and then some), our class has been working hard to put this thing together and to find sponsors. I must say, the I have a greater appreciation for the generosity of the community after going around asking business for money and silent auction items. We have a sweet grand prize for the evening; a flight for two to Toronto or Las Vegas (winner's choice) on Harmony Airlines. And there is all sorts of other good stuff to bid on as part of the silent auction; hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates, gift baskets, etc. etc.!

Really, anyone in the Lower Mainland that's reading this should come. and the rest of you, you shoudl donate to our fundraising efforts for CHV :)

okay, that's my plug :0) but seriously. Go to Covenant House BC for more info on them, and on our event.

So what else is going on? lotsa school work. The 10 and 12 hour school days are well underway now, and the assignment factory (me) is churing out the merchandise. It's fair to say that the quality has slipped form last year, but the quantity is astounding!

As part of one of my newspaper stories, I took a few photos, as you can see below this post. The story was a just a fluffy 'tourist in your own town' article, and I did the Nitobe Memorial Gardens at UBC. The pics above are some of those that I took while I was there. sorry for the quality of some of them; I haven't had a chance to photoshop out my lack of talent yet :)


My Parents were around this past weekend--Kate and my mum wnet and did flower arrangement stuff for the wedding while dad and I went downtown to do a bit of suit shopping. Naturally, they didn't have my size in store (sometimes being a freak means waiting for clothes to be shipped into town), but I will have a really sweet suit in just a few days... or do I mean suite suit... or suite sweet... I get confused...

okay, enough of that. Enough of all of this!! see ya later!