September 1, 2015

At Summer's End...

Well, here it is. A summer of blistering heat and drought conditions is over. The end--here on the South Coast of B.C., anyway--has been heralded with days of lashing wind and rain causing massive power outages and widespread damage from tree falls.

We get it, mother nature. It's Fall, just around the corner.

But hey, let's remember the good times. Here are a couple of videos from our summer adventures!

Enjoy. Bookmark this page for when it's November, dark and raining even more.

This is a video from a bike trip my wife and I managed to get in, sans kids, up at Whistler. There's no footage of the steep stuff, cause I don't have a GoPro and was only willing to hang on to my iPhone for the safe sections :P

This is a video from PlayLand, where we take the kids at least once a summer. Once again, no footage from ON the best rides since I don't have a GoPro :P PS, The BEAST is a fantastic new ride for anyone visiting the PNE.

This is a video from the Sunshine Coast, where my brother, sister and I, along with our families, packed in some fun over a weekend. For the uninitiated, by the way, the Skookumchuk narrows featured herein? Not a whitewater river. Ocean. It's quite the sight considering the rapids it produces at ebb and flow tide times!

That's it for now! Enjoy the rain!