October 2, 2014

35 years--Happy birthday to me!

So, year #35 is here. Or is it actually my 36th year now? I never know how these things work.

I digress.

I feel like the past year was foundation for a great year ahead. Settling into my role at work. Goofy, interesting, intelligent kids in school / preschool, and game for adventure outside of it. Kate taking on interesting and challenging work. Taking up sprint race kayaking again for the first time since 2004, and doing all the fitness that goes along with that. I feel very blessed that the big buckets of health, family life and work have been keeping me well fulfilled.

Goofy kid being goofy

Looking forward, we're pretty much all done with our home improvements and can enjoy what's there. The battles with the raccoons seem to be over for the most part (see previous postings).

I thoroughly enjoy my work which constantly has me learning new things and developing great relationships... and my colleagues send me cards like this, which means they also share a good sense of humour:

I have a wonderfully supportive family who lets me get away with being on the water a few days a week, which has been very rewarding for me since I got back in the boat in the Spring. I made it out to the last regatta of the season at the end of September, and I look forward to racing again in 2015. 

My brother phoned me today to wish me a happy birthday and inform me that I'm now officially closer to 40 than to 30.

It's not a thought that worries me.

On the one hand, I could look at our familial track record  of longevity--or distinct, multi-generational lack thereof--and freak out. But it isn't time for a mid-life crisis. It's time to enjoy just how life is. I'm not much worried about the next best thing. I have a lot of gratitude in my life for the fact that the next best thing is every day. I think it's way too easy to get caught up in wondering what's next, or spend too much time fussing on little things that don't add up to much in the end.

Don't get me wrong, the minutiae is important--it's why we have a whiteboard in our kitchen; a snapshot noting each lunch and dinner for the entire week, which kid is where, on what day, and what evening which parent is coming home late for whatever reason.

But the snapshot isn't the big picture. The big picture is 'fulfilled, loved and happy'

Best present ever.

P.S. Acting "Your Age" is overrated. Don't forget to stay a kid at least a little!