June 22, 2004

what a coinkydink!

It’s a small world eh? (Insert the tinny sounds of animatronic figures singing songs in that nauseatingly repetitive Disneyland ride…)

It’s a small world. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, and experiencing it, too. Take this past week as an example. Got an email from Kate. ‘Archie’s in Edmonton’, she tells me. Who’s Archie you ask? An old roommate of Kate’s from her days in Victoria. I got to know Archie through her. Who’s Kate, some of you ask? An Ex girl friend-stayed-best friend. Anyway, at the time of their going to school, it seems to me that he was taking anthropology or some program like that. I was in Journalism school in Vancouver during this period.
Well, turns out Archie veered off the career path somewhere along the line and ended up in the J-school ditch himself. Unlike me, though, he managed to get a job out of the deal! And that is what has brought him to Edmonton.
‘He works at the Edmonton Journal’, says Kate.
The Journal?! And where would the journal be? Right across the road from EPCOR, where I work! So I emailed him with the address passed along to me by Kate. We figure we’ll try and connect up at some point. Turned out that point was today, as I was out on my lunch break, and saw Archie at a crosswalk. So we had a chance to sit for a few and catch up on a detail or two…

Small world, I tell ya.

And this past weekend, I was down on the North Saskatchewan River instructing a learn-to-kayak class. One of the girls, Karla, was wearing a basketball shirt, so we got to talking about basketball, where she played, etc. turns out she’s a former national team member, played some time in Europe at the pro level. You know, chump change kinda stuff …

I asked her if she played in the Hoop it Up tournament the previous weekend (being such a baller as myself… I was there…umm… watching., but I was there… ). For those of you who don’t know, the NBA sponsored event travels from city to city, and sees a local parking lot filled up with half courts, and people of all ages and skill levels show up to play their hearts out. So anywho, not only did she and her team play, they won their category. I said, ‘Hey, I know the guys that won the top gun division down in Calgary. They get to go to Toronto!’. To which she replies, really? Who? Sandy?!’
By association, I knew Sandy’s teammate, Rob. And met Sandy through Rob. She continued on that she was at Sandy’s house for a party on the previous Saturday night, at the mid-way point of the tournament.
I myself was at that party, getting inebriated and debaucherous with about… I have no idea how many other people… it was a very full house though! Neither of us has any recollection of seeing the other at the house, but here we were, a week later, me about to instruct her on how to kayak!

Small world, I tell ya. Small world. See you in Disneyland!