November 30, 2007

(A renovated) Home for the Holidays

The time of the year has again rolled around where the morning finds drivers must unhappily scrape frost off their windshields, and where puddles underfoot have the ice cracked off the tops of them as walkers trod over them, as though they are servings of nature’s crème brûlée...except they're flavourless, infinitely colder, and considerably more depressing... (PS, I don't like winter...)

While things may be chilly outside the Chase household, it’s certainly warmer inside, thanks to the arrival of our fantastic new fireplace! Yahoo! At long last and by popular demand, it’s time for a little before-and-after of the rooms in the house that we’ve been transforming.

We’ve slacked off a bit in the last while, in that the rooms are now totally liveable, and we have lost the motivation to do the finishing work like mouldings and baseboards… we’ll get there though!

1. The Study BEFORE, when it was our bedroom:

The Study in progress:

The Study AFTER:

2. The Living room BEFORE, when we didn't even know we had a fireplace:

The Living Room in progress:

The Living Room AFTER:

And last but not least, our happiest renovation, the bathroom.

The “bathroom” BEFORE, a la cramped shower and crappy 70's decor:

The “bathroom” in progress:

The Bathroom AFTER:

We’re most pleased by these developments. And, it’s fitting that this blog post come on the day that it does: we’ve been in this house for one year today, exactly. Happy anniversary to the house!

Time to get it all gussied up for the holidays!