May 25, 2005

Mug shot, George the cat Posted by Hello

the cat came back, the very next... week...

Today I shall relate to you the curious account of George the cat ( Not to be confused with Curious George, the monkey)

The cat you see pictured above is named George. He is Kate's cat. Being a stray in the first place (Kate came to aquire him through adopting him as a stray in England), it should not surprise you as a reader to know that this photo of george is part of his 'Lost' poster.

George decided to make himself a stray again.

Kate and I went down to Seattle on the may 14th-15th weekend, entrusting the care of the cat to the neighbour. Well, George wasn't having any of that. He seems to have thought we abandoned him or something, and excused himself from our lives. the next week was spent doing a bit of searching, calling the SPCA a few times, and generally asking around the neighbourhood if George had been seen.

And he had!

So, hope being kept alive, we have gone about our business, assuming that George would show up at home if he felt like it. And thusly, over the long weekend just passed, George waltzed in the front door on Sunday as though he had never left. There was much rejoicing, breaking of bread, drinking of wine, etc. Okay, it was more like cracking open a fresh tin of fancy feast and applying flea medication, but you get the gist.

And, no sooner had George eaten, taken his drugs, and lazed about on the front lawn for a while, while the garden was being weeded, he up and left again. It would seem, ladies and gentleman, that we are being used for the occasional meal and some shelter.

Since Sunday, George has only shown himself a few times, and he's only here long enough to eat food. As of this very moment, he is in fact lounging on the couch. The story behind his return this eve is as follows: A neighbour called, having seen the poster we put up near her house. She called me to say that goerge was in her arms. I trotted over to the house ( just a block up and a few houses over), and there was george, biting the hand that has been feeding him. As it turns out, he's been hanging around there for a few weeks, and he's been getting fed, acting like a stray. Kate's cat is a tramp!

as for why George has acted as he has, who knows. As for knowing if he will stay, time will tell, I suppose!. George has the life of any cat, I guess: a cat will like you if it feels inclinded to do so, our want of it's attentions being secondary to that condition!

I always liked dogs better anyway ;)

A cat is there when you call it - if it doesn't have something better to do.
--Bill Adler

In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him. --Dereke Bruce