February 1, 2008

Impending Arrivals

Well, it’s Groundhog Day once more. For those of you in other parts of the world who are scratching your head in question, Groundhog day—February 2nd—is some sort of pagan ritual whereby we divert what little faith we have in meteorological weather studies, and put it in the paws of a furry little creature, who shall predict for us whether or not we have six more weeks of winter, or if an early spring is on its way. If the little bugger sees its shadow, it gets scared and scuttles back into its den, and we’re in for more winter. No shadow? Bring on those daffodils.

Well, we have a groundhog of our own in the making, but it won’t be making an appearance until mid-July sometime, and it certainly won’t have the opportunity to go back to it’s den if it doesn’t like the outside world.

Its old news to some at this point, but if my note above is a bit too cryptic and you haven’t heard about it yet… KATE IS PREGNANT!!!!

We were well enough aware of the pregnancy back at the start of November, but we didn’t start telling people until Christmas time. Now, it’s week 18 and everything is going just fine! We’ve got a few more weeks until we have the detailed ultrasound, but we did get an advanced peek in week nine (Kate shocked herself while we were doing home renos, so we wanted to make sure the lil’ peanut was still alive! It was!) Here’s the image we got from that scan. Not much to look at (really not much.. if you click on it, you'll have a slightly better idea of what's baby and what's not...slightly...), so the next one will certainly be more exciting!

We’re both very excited, and Kate is through that nasty first trimester with all the nausea and low energy and ravenous appetite. As she put it, it hardly seems fair that one has to suffer through all of that before telling people about the pregnancy, when the one thing you want to do most is complain about it!

To answer the usual questions, Yes we have names picked out but won’t tell you what they are, and no, we don’t want to know what sex it is. Nor do we care. We just want it to be healthy! July 13th is the due date. Rest assured I’ll set up an appropriate Facebook group soon enough so everyone can pool the bets about weight / sex / due date / etc.

So there you have it! Not much of a secret these days, but to those of you who hadn’t known about it, we’re thrilled to be able to tell you! Kate is working away at what will be a fine looking baby blanket once completed, and we’ve otherwise started collecting hand-me-downs- from other recent parents.

Will keep this blog choc-a-bloc with updates as they are warranted!