April 8, 2005

out with the old...

And in with the New....

...such is the theme of today's blog update! I took some time out yesterday to deliver a letter of resignation to my managers at Earls restaurant. I got a summer job lined up that is going to be FAR FAR better then washing dishes and cooking other people steaks and fries! The summer months will see me working for the PACE group, a PR firm that does consultancy and contract work for all sorts of different things. I--and another of my classmates, coincidentally--have been picked up to work for the Vancouver convention center expansion project. we're gonna be doing the site reppy, tour guidy type of thing all summer down at the work site, which on the one hand is not a well paid job and some of the tasks will be quite menial, but on the other hand, equates to my big fat, size 15 foot in the door with a Top Ten PR agency... to wit I say...GIDDYUP!! the job starts on April 25th, and my last exam is on April 18th ( speaking of 'out with the old'), so I'll have a chance to putter around, do some house stuff, etc... and speaking of the house...

...when last we met our hero, he was in the throes of moving from one house to another. oddly enough, the day after I moved out, the house that I was in sold (It has been on the market basically since I moved in). Which makes me think that:
A)I was living in a dump for the last eight months and nobody told me, nor the guy that bought the house, or
B)I was the reason the house wouldn't sell...

In any case, I am now settled in the new place, and have been there for a week. The first thing about the house being good is, of course (lest she kill me for not saying it), getting to live with Kate. the second thing, collectively, is that the house has had extensive renos and remodelling since it's purchase back in October of 2004, and much character has been regained. Built in 1915, it has nice wood floors throughout the place and some cozy charm to it. Over the years, various wallpaperings / floor jobs / paint jobs made the place looking less than impressive. I saw it before renovations started, and lemme just say, U-G-L-Y, that house din' have no alibi. But now, it's all gussied up and lookin' fine. there are still some bits and pieces to be done and the yard will need some work (the house sits in a geographically depressed area of Vancouver, and as such, the backyard is a collective drainage pool for a whole schwack of rainfall...i.e, we could grow rice in the lawn ponds should we desire), but a little TLC and the place will be a gem! There is another roommate in the house--Robbie--who is a classmate of Kate's. Both Kate and Robbie will be headed out of town soon to do eight week practicums, so I will be left to hold down the fort along with Kate's oft-crazed cat George (anyone wanna cat sit?? just kidding). I'm looking forward the whole deal, and should I not be at work or working on the house, perhaps you'll be able to catch me down by the water relaxing in the sand.... see ya at the beach!

so, in summary:
School, yes, but soon to be no
Old house-No
New house-Yes

Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.
--Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book