July 15, 2004

bank on the ranch

Back in Edmonton and back to work after a nice 10 day break.

The drive from Kamloops to Edmonton, was—shockingly enough—completely event free! Many thanks go to my truck, The Gipper, who pulled through with flying colours. The weather was warm and sunny basically the whole drive back, with exception of some cloud cover from Valemount to Jasper. I didn’t hit any birds this time, either! There was a black bear that darted across my path on the east side of Jasper National, but he fared much better than the bird, loping across the highway without incident. I am sure my truck would’ve ended up the worse for wear should we have connected anyway, so it was all for the best!

So other than that, my windshield was an insect graveyard, and that was that. The nasty part about bugs is I like to drive with the window down, and if one of them splatters close enough to the edge of the driver side of the windshield, I get some bug juice flying back inside as the shrapnel gets caught in the wind and drawn inside. Yech!

You ever wonder if bugs commit suicide? I realize they have tiny ganglion and their synaptic firings—if there are any—probably don’t work fast enough to make them realize their about to slam into a windshield… but what if?! Can’t you just see it? Some fed up worker bee, hanging out in the nest ? “Dang it, I can’t take it anymore! It’s the same thing, day in, day out. Collecting pollen. Bah! I was made for more in this world, I just can’t seem to get ahead. I feel like such a drone here! And my wife left me for a king bee…There’s no such thing, that two timing hussy! I’m gonna end it all! Where’s the highway?!”

Anyway, I digress. More to discuss about the trip! Previous to my departure in Kamloops, I got an email from my supposed former new roommate in Vancouver. I say former, because as it turns out, I was at their house dropping off a rent cheque with one roomie, while the other was out closing the rental deal with a friend of theirs… who apparently got priority. So, I’m still homeless! I suppose it just means that something better is supposed to come along, right? right!

Speaking of which, I had better find some more rental ads…
24 more working days until I leave!