January 5, 2015

New year's anti-lutions

Happy new year everyone!

It's right about now that we cannot help but take stock of all that has gone before, and decide for ourselves the pathway ahead.

Some people call this process 'making new years resolutions'. I generally don't believe in 'em and rarely engage in such a process. Well, looks like 2015 is a year that I will engage... sort of...  

In November 2014, I brought the year to a close with a minimal, yet painful and invasive surgery from which I am now at the 'tail end' of recovering. I had some... issues... in 2013, which recurred, and got worse in 2014. Some of the root causes, I have experienced since a teenager. It was high time to manage these things, so I was very glad to go through the process. All of my resolutions stem from this health issue. But my resolutions might sound quite the opposite to a lot of the typical resolutions. 

For one, being in pain so often meant pain medications.
Yup. pretty glad to see the backside of these. 
Which meant no alcohol. Narcotics and booze don't mix where one's liver is concerned. 

so, my resolution...err...

Anti-lution #1: Drink more in 2015. 

I'm not talking about benders, don't worry, people. But it will be nice to maybe have a beer on a Friday as a reminder to myself that I am pain-free. 

Anti-lution #2: (This one will piss a lot of people off) I want to put on a ton of weight. 

I shed many pounds in the blink of an eye following my surgery. I'm one of those obnoxious people who's metabolism requires strength training exercise in order to gain weight. It's the only thing that's ever worked. Let me tell you, those lbs were gained through extremely hard-fought gym sessions, and I am very sad to have lost them. I want them back. I don't know how long it will take me to put it back on though I'm hoping not too long. Oh, and I want a few pounds extra added, in addition to just getting back what I lost. 

Anti-lution #3: See less of my family. 

OK, so this one is a bit tongue-in-cheek. I love my family, and love spending time with them. But I'm very keen to keep up with my resurrected kayaking life in 2015, and I hope that will mean some quality time on the water, a few regattas, and (?) maybe even a spring training camp out of town 
(location and scope TBD). 

Suffice it to say, the pain I suffered in 2014 and the fix to said pain kept me out of the training loop for the past several months. Can't wait to get back to it! 

So, that's what I'll be up to for some of this year! How about you? Whatever your goals are for 2015, I hope you achieve them! Make 2015 your best year yet! Or don't. Like I said... I don't really believe in resolutions :P