March 5, 2005

so I followed a drunk guy home last night...

After my closing shift at Earls yesterday, I was driving back along the Oak street bridge ( I had Kate's car, thankfully donated for the evening) when I came up behind a car that was swerving erratically, unable to keep it between the little white lines, and braking at random intervals.

I stayed behind him, and he took the same off-ramp that I was going on, leading onto South East Marine drive. He negotiated the off ramp pretty well. Oh, wait. No he didn't. He hit the retaining wall on the passenger side, scraped the car down the concrete for 10 or 20 feet, then pulled away from the wall and kept driving. He continued bobbling his way along SE Marine, and I eventually had to turn off of the road, so at my first opportunity I called the police, gave them the license plate and vehicle description, adding that the car is silver, except for the right side, which now probably has no paint on it.

I hope they caught up with the moron. Call at cab next time, you fool. God forbid you should injure someone else thanks to your drunken stupidity.


"It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road" ---as seen on a bumper sticker