March 2, 2007

sunshine and happiness! :)

well, as promised, the next blog update would be all smiles und sunshine, and it is!!!

First off, we have a new contender for cutest member of the Chase family ( that's right, I've been challenged!) (cue rocky theme or Eye of the Tiger...) Ladies and Gentleman, now entering the ring, weighing in at 8 lbs 7oz., wearing nothing but a shock of dark brown hair, The newest member of the claaaaaaan... ARIA NICOLA CHAAAAAAAASE!

congrats to muh big brother Jamie, and his wife Dina on their first child!

Little Aria arrived on this side of the womb at 6:37 on March 1st. She was delivered at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, safely and soundly during a very smooth birth.

I'm pretty excited to be an uncle, Kate's excited to be an aunt, and can't wait to meet the new wee one!

Now, the smiles und sunshine fest continues, as I direct your attention to the video below! it's pretty self explanatory once you get started, so I'll just leave you to do the clicking! It's a wee bit grainy, but hey, whatdya want for a web cam? and once you're done, if you stand anymore sunshine, keep reading down below the video link.

Third, and finally on this blog update, I would like to announce that I'm employed again! okay, so this is actually old news, and many people are well aware that I have been working for a while, but I haven't put the word out there all that much.

yep, I'm working downtown, in a public affairs officer position with the BC Ministry of the Attorney General. It's been great fun so far; hardly one hour the same as the next. I assist with communications pieces, I go to court, I network all over the place, I go back and forth to Victoria now and again... and the list goes on. All in all, just really enjoying the gig!

okay, that's enough sunshine for one edition, I think, more than making up for the drama of the last few entries! ta ta for now!