December 18, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth...

Early morning, Sunday December 19. The weather outside is stable, but inside, it’s perhaps anything but. I’m flitting back and forth from the house to the car, trying to jigsaw a ridiculous amount of luggage into the vehicle in advance of setting out for our two weeks vacation, all the while leaving enough room for the kids (of course) as well as the dog. Luggage with two kids is bad enough, but throw Christmas presents in to the mix… well, you get the picture.

Inside, Kate is attempting to calm our near inconsolable eight month old. Heidi is apoplectic —she’s chosen the last 24 hour period to start cutting her first tooth, and here we are trying to organize departure for a four hour car trip to Kamloops to spend a few of the holiday days with family. I dread a repeat performance. Sacha wants to be strapped in to the car, despite departures being a ways off yet. His wish is granted, but predictably, he turns to demanding that mummy and Heidi and Nellie get in the car now, and that daddy will drive. Not mummy. She sit in passenger seat. Yeah, yeah, we get it. All I can think about is when we leave for Kamloops and head up to Whistler where we'll spend Christmas.

Eventually, though, the melee dies down. We are all in the car and the luggage, by some small Christmas Miracle has also all made it in, and we are away.

And ain’t that just what the holidays are about.

People coming and going, family mashed together. Travel plans that try to include everyone, no matter the distance between. Way too much food, and weather that may or may not be what you want it to be.

But we love it all anyway, and we do it year after year.

And this year, I have the added pleasure of watching my two and a half year old come in to some of the realizations of what Christmas involves, like Santa Claus, and what the season is all about--the Reason for the Season, in fact--“Baby Jeeeeesus!”

It has reignited some of the magic of the season for me this year. I hope that this Holiday season, amongst the madness of travel and shopping and gatherings and stuffing your face, you get some genuine quality time out, to slow down either on your own or with your family, big or small. I hope you have the chance to reflect on what the past year has brought you and what the new year has in store, and be thankful for what you have and what it all means.

And so, if you don't feel Christmassy enough yet, perhaps the annual ‘Elf Yourself’ video, this year featuring our newest arrival, Heidi, will help, and as well, a little video Christmas card from the family.

Many blessings for a Merry Christmas and happy new year from Stu, Kate, Sacha, Heidi [and Nellie]