April 17, 2006

Happy Easter! (and other thoughts)

Happy Easter to one and all, I hope the long weekend has treated you well! I just got back from Whistler today, where we spent the last few days. Spring skiing is usually expected to be t-shirt weather and some mediocre snow. Instead, the Winter season has persevered, and the snow was "puking" down for most of the time we were there. We skied on Saturday and Sunday, and there was 40 cm's of new snow during all that time. Now, I'm not a big powder hound or anything--I love to streak down the hill as fast as I can over some groomed runs more than anything--but I cannot deny that playing in the fresh white stuff was great too!

Kate's brother, Michael was up at the hill with us the whole time, and was more than happy to partake in the two rounds of charades that were played on Friday and Sunday nights after a few big dinners---that's right, you heard me. Charades. And it was fun, too!

The Easter Bunny brought each of us in the house a giant Toblerone choco bar (mmmm, milk chocolate and honey and nooouuuugaaaaaat... unnnnnggghhhh), so that was a sweet deal, literally! (Boo, hiss)

And so, having returned home, there is but one week of school stuff to deal with, give or take! One final in-class exam on thursday, and one take-home exam due by the 26th. I think. Hopefully I'll have it wrapped up this week anyway.

Moving on, congrats to Lindsay, who gave birth to her second child, Connor Joseph! (if you want to see pics, I have her blog linked on the sidebar of this blog) He's a cutie!!

And moving on again, May and June will be busy months around here! aside from the obvious need to get the veggie garden up and running soon (Oh god, I'm so old), there is much travelling to be done! Kate and I are headed to Seattle for the last weekend in April; just a quick jaunt down there. But, I landed a spot on the Military Journalism course that I was trying to get on, so yay for that! It'll have me next door in Alberta from May 7th-17th. Then, on May 24th, it's off to England (wot wot, eh old boy?) and Turkey (gobble gobble...? I guess?) until June 26th! It'll be July before I know it!

And moving on AGAIN... uhhh, no wait, that's it! plus, it's pretty much time for the daily rerun of the Simpsons... so, ta ta for now!