January 21, 2015

Dear mum

Just thought I’d check in with you today. 

Thought I’d let you know that Sacha is doing well in grade one—if he had been your student for some reason, he’d make you proud, no doubt—and Heidi is loving life in her final year of pre-school. Your other grandkids are thriving, too. So are Jamie, Kari and I, and Dina and Matt and Kate. We’re all doing just fine and life is treating us well.

Well, on second thought, I don’t really need to bring you up to speed on this stuff. I think—I hope—you already know it, watching from wherever you (and dad, of course!) might be today. That, and I think about you and speak to you regularly enough as it is, I suppose. So I guess you’re up to speed.

Yes, we’re all doing fine. 

But on days like today—noting that you've been gone from us for two years now —I, we, really wish you were still around to see all these lives unfold, up close and personal.

Love you, miss you today... just like yesterday, and tomorrow.