June 3, 2013

A Bridge Too Far

Sometimes when a bridge falls down, opportunity arises. Such was the case recently when the Chases were slated to head down to Seattle for the weekend to visit family. Some may have heard about the bridge on the I-5 to Seattle, which partially fell into the river after a truck clipped it while crossing the deck. That was the bridge we were going to be on.

We had been building up the trip to the kids for a few days, so calling it off wasn’t going to be popular. But going to Seattle with the main road interrupted, on a US long weekend, which was also the same weekend as a major music festival... left us feeling a bit queasy for a long drive....

So... we took the TRAIN! Choo CHOOOOOO!

We did up Amtrack Cascades on a faily last minute basis, and setting aside some early departure times from Vancouver and that three hour mark where the kids say “are we there yeeeeeet?” and “when is it oooouuuuurrr stoooop?” it was a very nice way to go! Ultimately , the kids really did enjoy it and the scenic tour along the coast is pretty awesome.

Let’s keep this short, and I’ll direct you to the YouTube videos of our experiences below. You can either opt for the no-music version with some kid commentary or you can go for the moody road music video. In any case, I recommend taking the train at least once if you’re in Vancouver and planning on Seatle or points further down the coast.
That’s it for this month... ciao for now! 

Kids and chatter:
Muzak and motion: