October 3, 2005

happy birthday to meeeee... (belated!)

Well, October 2 has come and gone once more, which means my B-day has also come and gone. I turned 26 years old yesterday! ( Yes, journalism students, I realize this blog posting is already rife with CP style errors!) I was up in Kamloops for the occasion; the first time I have been with my family for my birthday since I don't even know when. In high school and in university, I was always away on a volleyball trip, and while living in Edmonton, I was...just... in Edmonton, which makes it a bit far to come home just for a birthday. Anyway, it was good times hanging out with the family! Kate's dad, Peter & his partner Allison, as well as Kate's brother Michael, all came to Kamloops on saturday night from Kelowna to join us for dinner, so that was nice! My sister-in-law, Dina, was also there. It's her Birthday on oct. 6, so this was a duel celebration!

Highlights of the weekend: got a new hacksaw! Got a new power sander! got some new dvd's! Got a new housecoat! some of those were presents, some of it was bought by me. either way, I got stuff. yipee!

There was plenty of wildlife to be seen / heard this weekend. Coyotes tried to make lunch out of the neighbour's dog while we were all walking in the woods (we scared them away and reeled in the dog before they could actually lay a paw on the pooch, though!), and a black bear came a-wanderin' through some of the properties out the back of our house. I tried to get his/her attention (you know, for a photo op...), but he/she paid no attention. Too busy looking for food / garbage or something like that. The / A bear as already picked the neighbourhood clean, though. My mum & dad were silly enough to leave to bags of plums on the front step of the house to keep cool. They disappeared, as did some bird seed. You only make that mistake once, then all the food gets put out of reach :)

so that's about it! we arrived back to vancouver last night, and this weekend coming up, we'll be headed up to Whistler for Thanksgiving weekend! TTFN!

to end off, my quote for the post!
"I'm not 26 years old, I'm 18 years old with eight years experience!"