January 10, 2007


We've managed to get cracking on our renovations in the last while, and we've got some photos lined up of the new look of a few things! Our living room is done, pretty much. we gave it a new coat of paint, replaced the baseboards and slapped up some crown molding. The once wood-panelled ski chalet is now a classic looking room. Also, the basement suite is renovated and rented.
ALAS! Those photos are yet to come. Perhaps the more exciting development is the demolition we have done on the walls enclosing what we suspected was our chimney. after some limited probing to test our theory, we couldn't stop ourselves from tearing down entire sections of wall.

from the first two pics, one can get an idea of the fireplace that is in the wall in

our living room closet. it's a small little Victorian fireplace, and it needs some work. Above he fireplace, note the wallpaper with willowy branch prints and japanese or chinese characters on it
(I'm not well enough versed in Asian langauges to know what's what)

the beauty of this demolition is...
It's in a cupboard right now. we can close the door on the mess (ps, old living room paint job. please ignore. Besides, once the fireplace is ready to go, that cupboard will be coming down anyway).

On the other side of our wall is the kitchen.

in this pic, on the right hand wall, note the pink-covered, walled-over chimney outcropping.

here's me in the demolition phase. Any guesses what year that wallpaper was put up? Any guesses as to why someone would make an enclosing wall out of flooring?

Ooh, looks like my pants are falling down in sync with the wall.
you probably should ignore my saggy butt. and the look on my face (it's sheer intoxication over the joys of demolition. those who have done it, know).

and here's the exposed chimney!

Add some cozy chairs and accent lighting, and VOILA! A room with some character is born! It's just that easy, folks :)

the fun continues! ta ta for now!