August 18, 2004

the big reason leaving edmonton will be tough!

**just an inserted note to begin.... suzanne will feel bad when she reads, this, as she reemed me out for not including her in my last blog... little did she know :) ***

so here I am, on my last day of work, with the last day in a whil e that I might have internet access. I'll post this when I get to Vancouver some time. For some reason, i want to post it when I'm gone. I dunno. just let it be.

anyway, as anyone who knows me well enough to have a slice of my history under their belt, I came to edmonton for a girl. I will be leaving edmonton with a girl on my mind, too. But not the same one I came there for in the first place.

I first met suzanne when I tried out for the EPCOR volleyball team, back in the Spring of 2003. We've been good friends since then, and more recently have tried out the whole 'romantic involvement concept.' I've been scared of it, having come out of a relationship far more recently than her, and having never really been single since I was 17. She was a bit scared of it too, as she's never had 'feelings' for a freind before, and knew well enough that I was leaving town, as well.

despite all of these things, we've found our lives interwoven a fair bit over these past months, and things are good. We've both managed to teach each other some things about relationships, I think, and about life in general.

She came along at a time in edmonton when I was at a low. winter, post-break up, school, work, and not really knowing anyone else outside of the circle of friends that I shared with my now-ex... whom I found myself unable to talk to anymore! In swooped suzanne, and she took me on a 'pity date' to see a movie, with her friend Lori as well.

Well, since then there have been a lot more movies, a lot more time spent hanging out, a few things that could be classified as 'real dates' instead of 'pity dates', and in general we have become two people that know a crap load more about each other than we did 6 months ago. And maybe even some more about ourselves, too.

So as I get set to leave 'deadmonton', I have to give thanks, both to God for making a wrong thing He always does...and of course to suzanne, the best friend I found up in the snowy North, and a great friend that I will take with me as I head back down to Beautiful BC. Though I may not be sure of how things should end up, I sure am glad for how they have gone thus far :)

Love ya!