September 26, 2005

killing time before class...

I have fourty minutes until my evening class starts, so I think I'll update the ol' blog!

so, did everyone get out to / donate to Terry Fox last weekend? Yes? you did? good. :0)

It's my birthday coming up next weekend! the big 26 this year. Kate and I are likely going to head up to Kamloops to hang around with the folks. My sister in-law has her Birthday on Oct. 6th, so I think we're going to do some sort of combined birthday dinner thingy, which should be good! Since I have no classes on Fridays--nor does Kate on a regular basis--we should be able to leave earlyish that day, so as to get a few quality days out of the trip. It sucks to drive for hours, then not really have the time to hang out very long at your destination. It also sucks to pay 114.9 a litre for the gas to get you there and back, so definitely the longer you can stay and enjoy, the better!

Did a bit of roofing on the weekend; just some patch work that has been ongoing. Luckily it's nice and warm out these days with no rain, so the idea is to get all the work done before our house springs a leak :0) other than painting some siding that needed replacing, we're all up to speed!

Other than roofing, there were a few social opportunities. friday night was a gathering at Dominique and Jim's house. Dom is a classmate of Kate's. I stuffed myself on all sorts of goodies and had a broad mixture of spirits which were kindly provided by the hosts. I had Pisco for the first time, a Peruvian spirit made out of grapes. Not wine, and a heck of a lot more like liquid fire, if I do say so myself.

Saturday, a fellow that Kate had gone to Oxford with was in town. He has been living aboard a boat for the last seven months as part of a Quicksilver-sponsored sort of world tour. there are a bunch of guys on board this 73-footer, and they have been cruising around in search of unsurfed territory.
Yep, that's right, it's their job.

Bob was(the tour just ended for him on sunday) the ship's scientist. Amidst surfing for seven months, he performed checks on the health of the reefs that they found. sounds like there was a lot more surfing going on than science, but whatever. The point of all of this is that Quicksilver put on a party in Vancouver this past weekend, and we went in to soak in a few free drinks and listen to see how many people at this party we could hear saying "Bro" and "dude"...

...we lost count at 40 million.

It was wall to wall surfers and boarders. All totally pissed, all hugging each other saying "I love you Bro!" etc, etc.
anywho, that is the bulk of any news that's fit to print, and it's round about time to go to class. blah.

peace out! I love all you bro's out there. and dudes too. and dudettes. and... awww, shut it, stoo.