December 26, 2004

How did four months go by? oops...

Maybe my new years resolution should be to visit my blog on a more regular than quarterly basis...

It's boxing day, and I am way too broke to be bothering with shopping and fighting with the crowds. Well, I went out to pick up some Mach III razors, but with exception of that, I could but look at price tags on discount items and weep.

Christmas day was very nice around here. The snow started falling on queue at midnight, Christmas morning as we emerged from the late Christmas eve service at our church in "downtown" Kamloops. That was my sister's wish for Christmas, being that they don't get a whole lot of snow (or any) in England, from which she is home for the holidays. My brother, the firefighter, got his wish too... a house fire to go battle. Not a good thing on Christmas eve I suppose, but one man's misery is another's joy, perhaps?

I myself didn't have any particular big wishes for the holidays, so automatically I got more than I asked for :) It's just easier that way.

As a family we did get some bad news about our family pooch, Cassie. She has developed a nasty case of Lymphatic Sarcoma (sp?), so with a cancer like that, she's not likely going to make it. She has some lumps at the moment and a loss of appetite (for which she is on pills at the moment, and now not only has her normal appetite back, but she eats the garbage now too), and it's not bad for the moment, but it's going to get worse, so we don't know how much time is left. Worst of all for my mum of all of us, I think, as Cassie is her walking companion and the only kid she has left at home.

Ouch, downer man. Time to make myself happy again.I think I'll look at my school transcripts...

...usually, that wouldn't make me feel better about anything, but this semester, I've done very well for myself! I must be getting older and more mature or something, I don't exactly know what to attribute it to :) I am back to school on January 4th, 2005 taking up the second sememster in the third year of a journalism degree. Hopefully there will be time enough to play outside in the North shore mountains, too, as I got a new pair of skate ski boots for Christmas. Looking forward to hitting the trails!

Okay, I could go on forever with this since I have been so poor at updating the ol' blog, but I will ed it hear, with the promise to be better about posting stuff!!!

Ta for now! Enjoy the rest of the holidays, peoples, and happy new year!