November 26, 2012

A Few Movember Looks...

This month, a bold experiment has taken place: I have grown a moustache. Movember, as it is known the world over, is a widely accepted practice nowadays and I have been pleased to take part in it despite the chagrin of my wife, mother in law, female colleagues... well, basically any female. 

But it is all in the name of a good cause: promoting awareness of men's mental and physical health. On the physical health side, prostate cancer awareness and research is the primary reason for Movember. My Uncle John is, as we speak, fighting his own battle against prostate cancer, currently in the midst of a string of some 32 radiation treatments. It is with him in mind that I primarily decided to join in the Movember campaign this year, and happily, with no fundraising target for myself whatsoever, I've been able to raise several hundred dollars so far. And my fundraising is part of  a larger team effort through my work: 40 of us have raised around $7,000 and our broader firm network across the country has taken in $85,000 to date, with hopes for $100 K by the week's end.

But Movember is by no means all serious business. to the contrary, dressing up with this moustache has been kinda fun. To that end, and without further ado, I submit to you, a gallery exemplifying some of the ridiculous ways one can dress up their Mo if they wish to do so!

You have to ask yourself one question....

Does this Mo look goofy?

Well, does it?


It sure does once you throw your dad's vintage disco shirt on with some aviators!

Okay, so the shirt is actually the draw here, not the Mo.

But it can get cheesier...

Once you add a sweet fuzzy hat! Disco Stu!
Alright, that's enough of that! To close, as I mentioned, I am raising funds! I'd love for you to donate to my cause, and you can do so by checking out my Mo Space at If everyone on my blog mailing list contributed five bucks a head, my totals would shoot way up! But even if you don't, I hope you get a kick out of a few additional images on my Mo Space page! Thanks! can't wait to shave this thing off in a few more days!