August 13, 2004


Well everyone, it has come time to make my leave of this place!

To my co-workers, this is probably for the best... if screw-ups and botched orders were candy, I'd be Willy Wonka. EPCOR is better off without me! I leave the rest of you and your capable selves to clean up the messes left in my wake! ...It has been a pleasure to work with all of you!

To the paddlers and volleyballers, thanks for keeping me in shape over the last few years! You've been a great bunch and I thank you for letting me tag along. Rene, pass my email on to your mom please! Wouldn’t mind some paddling pictures!

To all and to the rest, It's been no secret that Edmonton has never been my favorite place, much as I tried sometimes to like it! In any case, thanks to you people it was not just a place to live, it was home. Should any of you find yourselves in Vancouver at any point, please look me up! You'll be more than welcome to crash at my place or at least stop by for a visit :)

what I will miss about edmonton:
canola fields against stormy skies, hay bales in pasture like a bowl of mini-wheats that God spilled (frosted mini-wheats in winter), the river valley, warm and long summer days, watching the Oilers get knocked out of playoffs, yet again, and of course... only 7 % sales tax

What I won't miss about edmonton:
-43 in february, snow in june, tornados, floods and hail storms in july. painfully flat landscape and lakes no where to be found--real ones anyway, not within an hours drive, and rednecks whining about the price of gas--usually ralph kline...

Well, that's the gist of it. I put down a poem and some song lyrics (careful, it’s country...) that fit nicely with this occasion. That means it gets artsy from here, so if you aren't into that, stop reading! One might say these are the two halves of my brain! The 'sad to go' side, and the 'get me the hell outta here!' side! Enjoy!
So goodbye, adieu, adios, adeus, aufwiedersehn, sayonara, etc! You've all been great and I...I... oh dammit, here come the waterworks. I told myself I wasn't gonna cry...
cheque please!

where is stu?
48 E 12th Ave
Vancouver BC
Or email me!

LEAVING—Paul Brandt
C'mon hurry, ain't no time for worryingGotta go-
Move on
Just leave the lights onGrab some clothes set those sights on that4 lane road,
I'm gone

In a truck, in a train, in a car, in a busChange my luck, can't stay, going far, in a rushGot that getaway feeling
I'm Leavin'Trust me,
something better's
gotta be right around

Gonna be just fine,
toss the map, don't look behind,
push that pedal down-

In a truck, in a train, in a car, in a bus
Change my luck, can't stay, going far, in a rushGot that getaway feeling
I'm Leavin' Hey!Here I goLeavin' Ohhh
In a truck, in a train, in a car, in a busChange my luck, can't stay, going far, in a rushWhite lines, exit signs, can't fly fast enoughBlack top, rail way, spinning wheelsDon't stop

Got that getaway feelingGot that getaway feeling
I'm Leavin'Wheels don't stopI'm Leavin'...

We leave ghosts of ourselves
In the places we have been
From one spot to the next that we go
A whisper of our soul gets left behind

But in exchange for this
We take with us
To replace the pieces missing

Be they hazy and blue-gray
Or brilliant and hard outlined
We leave not empty handed

Some thoughts and scenes would
Feel better left behind—reclaim
A lost bit of you instead

But it is not without reason, this exchange of soul and suffering

The better memories and lessons
Learned from the bad ones;
These things outshine the rest
Fill you up, make you once again
Spirit you away to your next destination

The people you connect with
The places you go to find them
You have them with you
And they have you with them.