July 11, 2005

Me and my cousin Bryony, visiting from Toronto. we had a chance to catch up over dinner. check out the photos then read the details below!  Posted by Picasa

me and Kate and bry's friend Liz, outside the restaurant Posted by Picasa

me and Kate, soaking it up on Ouzeri's patio. Yes, I realize we look like dorks.  Posted by Picasa

me and my cousin Bryony, outside Ouzeri's. Posted by Picasa

biking--high above green lake!  Posted by Picasa

biking around a whistler ghost town, called parkurst. found this beauty of a truck. what woudl the insurance on this be, do you suppose??  Posted by Picasa

hiking above whistler (pre-thumb slicing incident...) Posted by Picasa

from the left, Gord, Marion (on the ground), Penny, Diane, miss Mariss, Stu, Kate (on the ground), Ben. The Whistler clan!  Posted by Picasa

soaking the fresh wound in a glacial stream. sliced open thumb acquired from my walking stick, which usually, you would think, would help your performance. not hinder it. stupid walking stick ;( Posted by Picasa

not a great image, but you get the gist... maybe. FeEL mY pAiN!! Posted by Picasa

catching up!

It's been a few weeks since I've updated this thing.... seems to me I start most of my posts saying that... I suck.

anywho, lets go back to Canada day. The day our tenants moved in, and, of course, the time to commemorate this great country's founding (insert patriotic strains of 'O Canada' Here...). Kate and I went out with our friend Stew (no relation)and his girlfriend, Heather.

Kate and I had dinner at our house, and I had a drink with the meal. Over to Heather's house, where each of us had a drink or two. Then it was off to the beach to watch the fireworks. before we got to the beach, however, we hit a roadcheck. Being the responsible youths that we are, I had been selected as the D.D. for the evening. None the less, either the collective smell of booze in the car or the relatively slow-witted responsiveness of yours truly prompted the Po-Po to pull-Pull me out of the car for a breathalizer. The Alberta license I am still using after telling them I moved back to vancouver last september probably didn't help the situation either. I dunno. In any case, I blew a very safe. .02 blood / alcohol reading, well below the limits of the law. A quick lecture about my semi-legal license, and we were on our way! Turns out that while I was getting tested, another officer was playing 'good cop', joking with the others in the car as to wether I would pass or not. sneaky devils, trying to get the 'real' truth out of my fellow canada day revellers.

all being well, we headed to the beack to watch fireworks, which were actually allllll the way across English bay from us, but none the less entertaining. Happy belated Canada day everyone!

Next item: A short but enjoyable dinner visit with my cousin Bryony from (shudder) Toronto ( I mean 'shudder', Toronto--not 'shudder', Bryony). The pictures above that feature the blonde haired girl with a chin generally matching mine are the shots of bryony. The other blonde haired girl is Kate, and to confuse Kate and Bryony just makes it creepy, so don't. The lot of us went to Ouzeri's greek restaurant for dinner that night. A lovely evening, save the cattle-ranching techniques of our waitress, affording us little to no time to revel in our after dinner drink and evening's glow before trying to shunt us out, just so she could fill the table with some pushy guys wanting our table. ah weill, c'est la vie... or however you say it in Greek.
Work: we've had a slough of stupid americans come by the site recently, asking questions about the local geography, such as (as they stare out across the burrard inlet towards the North Shore Mountains) "okay, so over there, across the "river"... is that still Canada?", (yes, she was a Texan... as is this next fellow). Another gem: We've been reading up on the museum of anthropology, and we're wondering, do they still have igloos up there this time of year, or have they melted off by now?"

you can't make this stuff up folks.

Lastly, the pictures way back above are of the weekend (and resulting injuries) I just had up at whistler at Kate's families place. look for the names and places listed under the pics!

ta ta for now! oh, PS! our tenants are great! some odd smells waft up from the kitchen here and there... largely fish-related... but other than that, all's well!