November 29, 2005

well the weather outside is frightful....

... and the fire is not so delightful, thanks to our leaking chimney. We're geting it repaired soon...

Aaaanywho...this here is a view out the backyard from this morning; We awoke to a blanket of heavy snow which has since turned into slush. Once the sun came up, the falling snow turned to rain and..well, you get the picture... the front of the house looks much the same, except that we put up our Xmas lights a few days early (it was sunny and warmer on saturday), so it looks brighter out front!... okay, on to more pleasant things...

SO! I got to go to the Grey Cup on Sunday, and lemmee tell ya.. GOOD TIMES! the last Grey cup I went to was in Edmonton with Deb, and we were not treated to a great show then. Not only did the Eskies lose that one to Montréal, but the crushing crowd was so immovable that we missed all the pre-game fun leading up to the game, simply because people couldn't figure out how to move through the Commmonwealth stadium concourse.

This time, however, it was all good. Same teams playing, oddly enough, but with much different results. Edmonton took the championship by a field goal in the second overtime, and I saw it all from the 19th row on the goal line. SO MUCH FUN!! I went to the game on my own, having just gotten a free ticket the day before the game (thanks Marion!). Kate was at one of her three bridal showers that afternoon, and has little interest in Football anyway. So I had fun on my own. My only regret was not winning the $46,000 50/50 draw. yowza. I honestly didn't go in there expecting to cheer for Edmonton after they knocked out the Lions last weekend, but I licked my wounds and jumped on the Western division band wagon.

in other news, school is just two weeks away from being done for the semester, save one final exam on dec. 15th. It's a lot of papers and projects right now, but it's coming along. I should be able to put a few things to bed in the next few days... check that... HAVE to put a few things to bed. they're due this week...

Off to Kamloops this weekend coming up! Kate has her third of three bridal showers with my side of the family and friends, and I will go up to see the 'rents. Mum is fresh off report card-writing period, and has felt some releif as she always does, and dad's chemo treatments are going well, but as much as you hear it, it's always nice to see it for yourself.

okay, I s'pose that's about it... one month until the wedding--just waiting for people to respond to their invitiations now!(ahem)... plans are otherwise pretty much in order!

okay, musty get back to the homework... hope all are well out there! talk to you soon!

November 28, 2005

Mending broken wings a big success!

whoa... it's been like, a REALLY long time since I wrote on this. SO much has happend since my last post a month ago, most noteably, perhaps, our PR class event back on November 9th. Our fundraiser, 'Mending Broken Wings, one youth at a time' was a great big success, and we raised $9,000.00 for Covenant House Vancouver.

The evening was a lot of fun, though a lot of work for the whole class. We pulled it off though! And, as you can see from the photos, we all looked SO good in white ;) To those of you who could make it--thanks!! your donations really make a difference with this organization. And to those of you who couldn't... well, you missed a good night! I myself didn't get to partake in any of the eating--nor did any of my other classmates, really. we were too busy running around executing our tasks. I was the MC for the night, so I just had to make sure that I didn't fumble too much through my speeches, or swear into the mike or anything like that... My opener was a bit of 'ummm' and 'uuhhhh' But I recoverded after that!

Pictured here is Vancouver's outgoing Mayor Larry Campbell.
He was at the event to speak to the crowd, and to help us draw the grand prize for the evening, (a flight for two to Toronto or Las Vegas), and he otherwise generally just moved around the room bidding on all sorts of our silent auction items and being goofy.

Once the room cleared out for the night, we all had a chance to raise a glass ( we had some special martinis made for the night, and this was our chance to sample them...), relax for a few minutes... or strike a pose... and then it was time to tear down our setup and either go home and crash or go out for more drinking.

I was amongst those going home to crash. Not only was the week about the event, but in the Journalism half of my degree, I was busy with daily newspaper production which kept me and the rest of the j-schoolers plenty busy from monday to thursday.

so, with those two major things out of the way for the semester, it was time to focus on the rest of the assignments for the semester! ack! gotta go do that work! bye!