December 20, 2006



Hello all! as you can see, our new house is decked out for the holidays! the lights went up on December 1st, the first full day we were in the house.

as you will see from the following pictures, the interior isn't necessarily as well decorated as the exterior! we've already done some work, but those photos will have to wait until the next entry or two. after all, it's more fun with the before / after effect anyway :)

so what you're looking at is our dining room, living room, back yard ( the last owners had SEVEN cats, hence the mesh that was their encagement! and it all collapsed in the snow...), and a taste of what the basement suite is painted up like. pretty , no? and the wood panelling? We'll be attacking that stuff with extreme prejudice. Gorgeous. and what of the chandelier? a real touch of class. there's five or six chandaliers in this house. nope, not sure why.

Last but not least, just a slice of the view from our spare room. we can see the whole North shore range from our house! (to those of you on the prairies / back east, etc... these are called mountains.. mahwn/tayns

well, despite the snow in these pics, and the lights on our house, this isn't an overly Christmasy holiday message so... ummm... uhhhhhh... Oh, I know, here you go... Click This!