May 5, 2008

Time to learn your ABC’s!

A is for ‘A relaxing beach vacation’ (okay, the system isn’t perfect, work with me here)
B is for ‘Babies’ (see that one works), and
C is for ‘Chemotherapy’,
D is for ‘Dad’, and as a bonus
E is for ‘Expecting’

So, A: Kate and I are just back from a week’s all-inclusive trip to Puerto Vallarta; a little place on the beach reasonably close to the town site. We ate, swam, ate more, swam more, and even managed to squeeze some other tourism into our week away. Once we get the photos up, I’ll make a longer entry about the trip, as there are some good stories to tell! Primarily, we were just trying to get away one last time before

B: the baby arrives! We’re just under 70 days away now from the official due date, and we’ve been doing lots to get ready for it. The nursery is pretty much done, save a new layer of flooring. We’ve got gear out the wazoo already. The crib, mobiles, two change tables, a Moses basket, a bouncy chair, a jolly jumper, a car seat, lots of clothes, blankets, toys… and I could go on. All we need now is the kid! And the peanut’s arrival is also reasonably timed to coincide with the end of

C: mom’s chemo treatments. At last update, we were still waiting for the mastectomy to happen. Well, that’s done, and she turned out to need chemo, and she’s in the throes of that experience as we speak. Eight treatments: one every two weeks for sixteen weeks, and a self-injected drug called Nuprogen for eight days somewhere in between the treatments.
So far, mom has been handling the effects of the chemo pretty well, and we're generally pretty pleased about that! Not that there is a good time to have to do chemo, but it was particularly unfortunate timing to have all this line up with

D: the one-year anniversary of dad’s passing, which we recognized over the weekend of April 12th. I went up to Kamloops to be with the family, and we made the trek down to dad’s spot on the bluffs (the dogs managed to behave themselves this time around). The weather that day was precisely the same as it was last year, which we thought was awfully fitting. I also had lots of time to hang out with our Niece, Aria, and the rest of the fam, too, which was nice! Kate couldn’t join me up in the ‘Loops, as she was working up in Whistler, and Jamie’s wife Dina didn’t make the trek out in the woods either, partly because she’s a bit tired right now since

E: she’s expecting again! Happily, our wee peanut will have a cousin very close in age, as Dina is carrying her second child; due in October!

F: Fantastic news, that is! Congrats to Dina and Jamie!!
G: uhh… I don’t actually have a G. I’m done now. But here are some cute photos of our niece that were taken when I was up in Kamloops for item D, just to wrap things up nicely for today! C you all later!