May 31, 2006

European travels, pt. one: England (wot wot)

3:30 PM--Left Vancouver on May 24th bound for London Gatwick airport. Flight was comfortable as we had booked more legroom before we left. As it turned out, more leg room came with more perks, too. We got premium-class treatment, which included choice of meals, free drinks the whole flight, and one of those nice warm towelettes at the end of the trip.

11 AM, next day--arrived in england,used the trains to get out to colchester where my sister lives. spend most of rest of day fighting to stay awake (didn't sleep on the plane... too many movies to watch!)

10:30 pm. Crash. sleep like a little 6'7" baby.

okay, enough of the timeline. you'll be here all week. the past seven days has seen us spend a few days up with my sister, where we visited the school she teaches at, got to know the island of mersea on which she lives, as well as take a day trip into London.

In London, we did a whirlwind walking day which included a trip on the London Eye--for those of you who don't know what that is, it's essentially a ferris wheel on steriods. absolutley huge. you can see the entire city of London from up there. Or, normally you can. as it was, it was pouring with rain and foggy, so the London Eye had a cataract that day, and we were in it. no matter, a few good views to be had.

we also visited with some of Kate's friends that live in town, having dinner and drinkgs by the thames with them.

fastforward, and we're in cornwall now, down south. staying at my aunt's house. Kate and I are here, as is my sister, and my parents are also visiting right now, too. generally, one does not take a honeymoon with so many members of one's family... but here we are. since we've been in cornwall,w e've been to the beach a few times, both to walk on the sand and the cliffs high above, and we went to the Eden project yesterday, a ecological recovery of an old clay mine. Sort of like the Biodome project in the states, but instead of being a massive failure, it's a huge success.

okay, will leave off there for the time being! will report back next week hopefully! ta for now!