January 31, 2005

aahh, the wonders of the natural world. this is just randomly off a roadside, actually not more than 15 feet from the road. no good stories abotu me hiking anywhere for miles or anything.  Posted by Hello

just randomness!

So over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Tsunami relief benefit concert at GM place in downtown Vancouver. It was a four hour long show with lots of great Canadian acts rockin' out for a great cause. Sum 41 was very high energy, as were the Barenaked Ladies that came out on stage after them. I have to admit though, my favorite thing was to see Sarah Mclachlan performing live! I have been waiting YEARS for that! I saw her do one song at the Juno awards in Edmonton last year, but that was it. And at this latest show, I was fourth row, just off the side of the stage! It was a great view!

In other news, school assignments continue to pile up. This semester is going to fly by, I am sure, but I have SO much work to do before the end of it. I'm frightened! I'd much rather just curl up into the fetal position for the next few months and suck my thumb, thank you very much. The school support staff being on rotating strike action only makes the situation worse, turning my school schedule into a game of russian roulette. will I have class today? are we locked out again? Admittedly, it is nice to have a day off now and again, but it's getting to be a pain in the ass. And now our reading break has been cancelled to make up for a few days lost so far. To make THAT matter worse, the school has also suspended the teaching staff's booked days off for professional development, or time away or whatever the case is, so that they will be here as many days as they can be while the strikes are going on. Well, you can imagine how enthused about that idea the teachers are! Not!

okay, that about does it... added another photo here, that was actually taken back at the start of september when i visited my friend on the island. I am aware that my website is bland, and needs some sprucing up. in the photo, note the dress shoes to go with my outdoorsy picture. oops. didn't know I was gonna end up in the woods :)

and last but not least, my quote for the day, relating to the current situation at school:

"Education is...One of the few things a person is willing to pay for and not get." --William Lowe Bryan