October 2, 2015

One of these years is not like the other

Happy birthday to me! 

If present me could go back a year ago and bet against past me about what my 35th year was going to be like, present me would be in the money!
AH, Florida tan lines. Good times were had in my 35th year! 

A year ago, prospects looked good for a training and competition track that may have lead to the 2016 Rio Paralympics in the sport of sprint kayak. Alas, as multiple previous posts have noted, I was declassified based on new rules that came out this year.

A year ago, I was working at PwC,  but here we are one year later and I'm searching for my next exciting opportunity!

What a family!
A year ago, I was jogging along fine. Now I'm waiting for knee surgery! I've also managed to somehow put a small tear in the bicep insertion on my right arm. That one is a minor hassle compared to the knee!

All these things come with their own blessings, of course. I am excited to find my next work contract that is at the core of what I'm good and and what I enjoy. The paddling thing is what it is, and I am thoroughly enjoying being in a different kind of boat, the V-1, which provides its own potential opportunities and sense of satisfaction. That, in tandem with free time at the moment affords me the opportunity to take long, introspective paddles on my birthday!
#Birthday10K on a foggy Vancouver Friday!

The knee and the elbow things are... well, that's getting older, perhaps :D

On my birthdays these past years, I also turn my thoughts to my parents. By this age (not that they could have known at the time), they were already well past their mid-life. If (BIG, HUGE knock on wood) It was to be the same for me, I know that by my mid-30's I have already been blessed with so much opportunity, and such a great community of friends and family that I just have to smile about where life is at. The constants in my life with which I am blessed year in and year out keep a smile on my face no matter what.

No sense looking down when there's always a sun overhead!

Here's to the 36th birthday bringing about new opportunities and experiences!