August 1, 2013

Summer lovin'... or loving summer, rather.

Hang on, I just need to pinch myself.


No, this is the real deal. We went through the entire month of July without rain here. In Vancouver. British Columbia. 30+ days of sunshine. Should I repeat that?

No, seriously. It's epic. it's Heaven. No stifling heat, no sweater days. Just endless perfection. And we were taking advantage wherever possible. Blissfully, the front porch on our house has been restored and the back porch rebuilt. haven't eaten a dinner inside in weeks now. still lots to do outside of the house, speaking of renovations, but we're pretty settled indoors now. Here's where our back deck is at:

As for weekends, we've been out and about. We hit up Victoria this past weekend to take in some family time there and enjoy the same unending sunshine that the BC South coast has been enjoying. I had the pleasure of hopping over to the Island on a float plane on the Friday after work, a mode of transport I haven't been on in years. Good fun! And look! I made a highlights video! I admit, it's not all scenery as I knew my kids would like to see boats and such down below... so don't think me overly obsessed with watercraft:

And here's some more photo evidence of just being out enjoying the sun. Long story short, I hope you're grabbing some too, wherever you are!

I love the kids at this age because...
...they actually seem to enjoy doing chore-like things! Sweep the patio, boy! 
Meanwhile, the adults can enjoy a glass of wine and look fabulous doing so.

Nellie prefers, at times, to keep it made in the shade. She's so cool. Pun intended. 

Fiinally, unrelated to the family, these pigs don't seem to care about the heat, happy to laze about all over one another and generate even higher temperatures, no doubt (BTW, just head to Victoria's Beacon Hill Petting farm to take in this adorable sight).

That's it! happy summer to all!