February 15, 2005

workin' hard for the money!

so for the last while, I have been a dish pig at earls restaurant, working a few weekend nights in order to pay the bills. the people I work with have been awesome, and soon enough I should be out of the greasy mess of other people's leftovers, and onto the regular kitchen staff. this will be a nice change from having eight or nine meals on my face at once. And the smell. It's not that pleasant aroma that wafts from the open kitchen and out over the salivating diners, but rather the smell of all those meals at once. that, and shit ;0(. talk about overpowering! I don't know what's worse, that the smell is so bad, or the fact that I've gotten used to it :) iT'S JUST GOOEY! but, to the credit of the dish position, all you have to do is put your head down and work away. there is a lot to be done, but it doesn't require much thought, so it's nice after a week of sitting in classes or doing school work and doing nothing but thinking! The other thing about working weekend nights is that it means I am making money on a friday night instead of spending it! what I need is for the bar staff to start feeding me drinks. then, not ONLY am I making money on a weekend night, I am getting paid to drink ;) GIDDYUP!

In any case, there are definitely jobs I would rather do, but for the time being, work is work, and a pay cheque! school will be out in a few months, and maybe then I can work on that whole 'career' thing. until then,

okay, that's 'nuff said. other than earls, it's all about the school work, yo! and I have to get back to it! the quote of the day ain't deep, but it's witty ;)

They say hard work never hurt anybody, but I figure why take the chance.
- Ronald Reagan