March 31, 2005

...I think these guys may be apprenticing for the easter bunny position... ;0)  Posted by Hello

Happy Spring!

well, it's been a few weeks since I have added anything to this site... first, the health status, I have a lot more energy now, I am eating pretty much normally (no throwing up, yay!)albeit it a high carb, low protein diet as suggested by the doc, My skin isn't yellow, and best of all for the rest of the world, I am well past being contagious ;)

It'll be a while before the 'ol liver is back up and running at full capacity, so I'm not back into the suds just yet. I unfortunately had to miss out on a kegger, a martini party at work, and St. Patrick's day, so that's been unfortunate!

But, my health seems pretty good when put in perspective... I got word via Suzanne that a friend in Edmonton--Dean--died in a car accident last week. At the age of 26, he had a good job, a house of his own, and a lot to live for. Dean was never without a smile on his face, and as I have been saying to others in the past week, those of us who knew him are ourselves better people for having had the pleasure.

It makes hepatitis A easy to bear when I at least consider that I am blessed to still be alive. We all miss you Dean!

in other news, school is winding down on the calendar, but I have nine pretty hefty assignments in the works / yet left to go. April 11th is the last day of classes, I think. A monday, I beleive it is. anyway, shortly after that, I will be (hopefully) starting a summer position, working in Downtown Vancouver at the waterfront and convention center construction site. (no, not as a construction worker... losing my fingers scared me away from that type of labour for good, I think!), but as a site reppy / tour guidy kind of thing. I have the interview for it today, so wish me luck!

Moving on, I was up in Kamloops for the Easter long weekend, wich was a nice visit with the family, a service at church, a little bit of chocolate--no ham, unfortunatley... darn protien...--some walking in the woods, and many cups of tea. all in all, pretty relaxing!

hope all are well out there, and again, welcome to spring! yaaayyyy!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
---Anne Bradstreet