December 14, 2012

My response to Connecticut

Sometimes, you can’t just say nothing, do nothing. Maybe this post is just for me, but that’s fine. 

Sometimes, news–news totally disconnected from your daily life, from your world—reels you in, and it’s all you can think about. 

The story of the tragic shooting in Connecticut is just such a piece of news. Human nature draws us to tragedy, not necessarily because we get pleasure out of it, but because we have an unquenchable thirst to figure out what must have gone wrong. Who did what, and when, and why. And how do we fix this. 

I admit I was driven to distraction this morning obsessing via my Twitter feed over just those things, wondering who did what, and when, and why. 

My afternoon, though, became my response, and you will see it below.

Regardless of the senselessness of those things we can’t now forget, of the innocence lost in moments of horror, let us more fully embrace the innocence we can still find our daily lives, and be thankful for the good in the world. Today, I, along with my wife and two-year old, found good in my world watching my four year old totally own his role in his pre-school Christmas play. I heard children singing. I watched joy and belief on little faces as Santa came in the room. I felt security and warmth as my two year old clutched to me in reaction to the same event (she’ll grow to love him, I know she will!).

Keep talking about gun control, access to mental and other health care services. 

But don’t forget to believe the way kids do, to sing out loud to carols and Raffi songs...and remember to get it on tape.