March 23, 2006

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz! I wonder where the flowers... is...

Okay, Okay, so I got that from an Archie comic a good ten years ago... wierd how some things stick with you!

people have been asking me... "hey stu, what's with no blog updates? It's been weeks! are things going badly with the whole marriage? is that why no updates?"

Yeah, that's it. My lack of blogging correlates directly to the state of my relationship... gah?

School is into the last month of classes, and one is going well, the other one, I'm getting slammed in. not too concerned anywhich way; I graduate at the end of this, after all, so no big. But it's frustrating not to have hooked into what this one english teacher wants out of my writing style! I have one essay and wone final left to go. hopefully those will be better!

Kate is struggling through her graduating essay; it's the last thing she has to do as part of her speech pathology masters degree, and man... she hates this paper... we'll all be glad when it's over ;)

Mum turned the big Six-Oh last month, we had a party up in Kamloops to celebrate the occasion, which was nice. some of our relatvies from Ontario that were out for the wedding in December made the trek back again, so that was great!

Had some friends through town lately; Mandy visited from edmonton, and we had the chance to hang out a bit while she was in town. We paid the Vancouver aquarium a visit,

which is where these three pics came from-- sorry mandy, had to add the fishy kiss pic... :)

My parents were just down this past weekend for a couple of days of visiting while mum was on her spring break from teaching. They brought the dog, much to our delight; here's Lil' Lucy now!

Isn't she cute :)
Oh, and of course--all is well in the marital department, to answer the initial--and clearly most pressing--question. The Honeymoon is booked! We'llbe headed to London, england on May 24th, and flying back on June 26th. Somewhere in that space of time, we're headed off to Turkey for ten days or two weeks or so! gonna be great!

Looking ahead, I'm vying for a scholarship that will see me learning about military journalism and land me back in Alberta for 10 days in May, assuming I actually get a spot in the program. Given the prevalance of the Candian military in the news this day, it looks to be a very interesting program. All you Edmontonians, I'll keep you posted! Even if I don't get it, Kate is headed to Toronto for a conference, so I'll be using that as an excuse to go to Ontario if I don't end up on this course.

talk atcha later! (no promises as to when, mind you! )