July 16, 2006


The happy new addition to the household comes to us via the SPCA. Nellie (formerly known as Athena--but we decided she didn't like that name...) has been in the shelter since May. Her previous owner is a single woman undergoing chemotherapy, and also a mother of a two-year old. she decided she couldn't do all that and own a puppy.

the vital stats on nellie are:

Age: 10 months
Breed: Border Collie / lab cross (less collie temperament, more lab.. hurray!)
Colour: Black w/ white patch on chest
Issues: separation anxiety
Housebroken: YESSSS!!!
Quarterback sacks 2004/2005 season: 14

We spent the last few days building gates on our back fence specifically for the purpose of containing a dog that we figured we'd get sometime this summer, and we're very pleased to have found such a great pooch so soon!

To all of you who expected a baby announcement, don't get your hopes up. Give it a few years, eh?