July 14, 2016

Such 'Rappellant' behaviour

I did it.
I came, I saw. I rose to the occasion, then dropped down the side of that occasion. 

*AND Exhaaaale.*
Yes. That's me. Look up... look waaaayyy up. 

I have mentioned a few times in the past while how I don't like man-made heights (unless it's an amusement park ride, in which case, giddyup).

I have also mentioned how I decided that, as an employee of Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon, I would put my money where my mouth is this year, and fundraise to participate in the Rope For Hope urban rappelling challenge.

I raised my minimum, and on July 8th, I did "it."

I'll let the video speak for itself, but the fact is, amid moments requiring deep breaths, or realizing how intense I was actually feeling about the whole thing, I was doing it and it was actually pretty fun. The video is pretty "Vlog style", so some of the sound and editing is choppy, but it moves along nicely!
Almost back to sweet, sweet terra firma! 

Aaanyway, after a whole day of working the event for Make-A-Wish, it was my turn to tackle the challenge myself. By the time I'd watched so many others go through the safety briefings and tests, and seen the joys and fears on the faces of the other participants, I was actually very ready to go. turns out I have more mental fortitude than I thought :P

As I mention half way down the 400 ft. wall in this video, thanks to everyone who helped me do it, both mentally and financially. There were as many donations of advice on how to conquer this fear as there were contributions to my fundraising goal--and it all helped!

Once again, the video link. Enjoy. I know I did, as much to my own surprise as that was.

I am history's greatest champion!!