October 12, 2005

New look for the blog, post-Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! welcome to the new look of the blog! I updated it with a brighter colour scheme to combat the Autumn blues! You'll also notice that down the right hand side bar some links have been added, so you can go take a look at some other sites that I like to hit up! I have decided at this point to take away the 'comments' feature on the blog, 1) because most people just end up directly emailing me, and 2) I am getting spammed! SO annoying! BOOO Spammers! BOOOO!

aaaanyway, the reason the Covenant House website is listed as one of my links is becuase my graduatign Public Relations class is doing a fundraiser for them this semester. we will be holding several events over the next few weeks leading up to our big night, which will be a cocktail evening and silent auction fund raiser. Covenant House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping street kids get off the street, through use of a program that gives continuing care instead of just a hot meal and a bed, then back out into the street.

It's pretty cool, so check out the website (and hey, if you want to buy tickets in support of our fundraiser, let me know!)

So, Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year; I hope you all had the chance to fill yourself with the turkey bird! THis year's celebrations were up in whistler, which was quite nice! there were nine of us for dinner, and we got stuffed! ...then, with the leftovers, we did it all again for lunch the next day :)

Okay, that's enough of that; I really have to get to the homework! have a great week!