August 3, 2016

Summer so far...

If you're from Vancouver--or much of British Columbia, really--you probably feel as I do: that the summer break is technically half over, but the good weather has barely just kicked in. 

Best make the most of it! 

As I write this, Kate and the kids are in Quebec, where I just came from. I made a whirlwind August Long Weekend tour of visiting with friends in Ottawa, where we basically spent an entire day next to their pool... and we filmed this genre-defining 60 second piece of ART. 

OK, my friend Sean and I made this while the kids laughed and our wives rolled their eyes. It's still art. 

Then we rolled on to Quebec, where Kate's family has a compound of houses along scenic Lake Ann; it boils down to about 40 people of all ages, running around, swimming and eating. It's so amazing for our kids to connect with their cousins, forging new friendships and living free-range, doing things like catching frogs!

It feels like a small failure that it's taken this long into their childhood to get the kids doing something as simple as catching a frog, but oh well, it's done now! 

And best of all, the weather was nice and toasty, like summer should be. Feet up, drink in hand, warm breezes, and great connections with friends and family. It may have only been a weekend for me, but it was regenerative. 

That's it for now! Enjoy the videos. What are all y'all doing with your summers? Comment below or on the YouTube videos!