March 27, 2012

Three months with no post?

Well this is out of character.

I've never been a daily blogger-far from it--but I don't think in the many years of writing on StuLand have I ever gone so long as this!

But today was one of those 'take pause' days, and I feel like checking in.

My work has kept me busy since the new year. It's a new job, and it's wonderful. I'm busy, and, dare I say it, creatively fulfilled. Maybe that's part of why I haven't been on here!

As I said, it is busy work. But today, for a few hours in the middle of the day, I had a chance to move my writing projects aside, take a walk, and sit down and listen to a few people from the Potluck Cafe & Catering. A unique social enterprise in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, for the last 11 years potluck has been leveraging their money made through sponsorships, donations and their catering business to bring healthy food, nutrition education and dignity to residents in the Downtown Eastside, one of Canada's poorest neighbourhoods. I sat in the cafe and listened as their executive director spoke in her passionate way of the work that they accomplish; the lives that they change and have changed, and the sustainable model that they use to do it with.

Fast forward to 5:30 pm. Once I left the Potluck Cafe, the fast pace continued unabated for the remainder of the day. I had to ride as fast as I could to make it home in time to quickly switch backpacks, throw my son on the back of the bike and pedal on over to his first ever swim lesson.

Sacha has been... tentative... at times in his life. He proceeds with caution into new situations and usually wants a parent onside at most times. Not ALL times... but most times. Okay, so he's three. This is not that surprising. Imagine my delight when today, despite me getting him late to the pool, he simply asked if I was going to be on the pool deck for him to wave at, then flung himself into the water; into the care of a swim instructor he'd never met before and the presence of a few lesson-mates he'd never met before. I spent the next half hour sitting in a chair just watching. Yes, giving the occasional wave when called upon to do so, but otherwise, just to watch him splash around, being the first to volunteer to try the tasks suggested by the instructor, and generally just being present in the moment and enjoying all of it.

I guess today was a bit about finding inspiration where I didn't expect it to come: in the words of someone who didn't preach about what they did to help the poor, but was so passionate about their work that you couldn't help but be a bit amazed. And, in the simple actions of a three year old, who, as it turns out, taught me something today. I'm ten times as old as he is. I guess I just usually expect it's going to work the other way around.

Things have been moving fast lately. It was really nice to slow down and see a few things worth seeing.

And to close, because I know y'all like pictures... here's lots! these go back to Christmas, my sister's baby's Christening and a few other randoms! sorry for the mishmash!