January 7, 2006


Stuart and Kate, Married December 30th, 2005.

First kiss as a married couple!

Placing the ring

cutting the cake

From now on, the Christmas season will bring my wedding anniversary, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Kate and I share so much history with one another! Now that the day has gone by it seems like there was no other way for it to be but the way it is...wether we knew it or not for a few years!

The big day all went off without a hitch--except ours, of course! . The ceremony was small; only 22 of us in the room. Pretty much immediate family only, which was great. The party was a fair whack larger--130 in attendance, and what a party it was!!! the food was great, the speeches were moving, and the dance was bumpin'. Blessings to all who were in attendance, and to all those that sent well-wishes before and after the wedding. They are much appreciated.

school starts again on monday, so I will be back soon with another update, and by then, perhaps our official wedding photos will be finished up, so I will post a few of those as they come!