July 22, 2004

this and that

Ever been kicked in the junk before?

Okay, now that I have your attention, I’ll explain. A bunch of us were taking advantage of a fine summer Sunday in the park. All the usual suspects were there. Football, Frisbee, volleyball. And Suzanne, jumping on my back.
"Don’t spin me around!" she said

So naturally, I spun.

And lost my own balance, let alone making her dizzy. Down we go.
The trip down would have been uneventful, were it not for Suzanne’s knee sticking up at in opportune angles, which connected with my jewels with alarming force. I writhed around on the ground for a few minutes… fast forward to five days later, it still hurts. I went to the clinic yesterday (always a good place to go when something isn’t right with your bits). He figures a bit of bruising in there, and give ita few more days and I should be right as rain. Until then, I grin and bear it.

I should not have spun Suz.

What else is new… lets see…. Won some Klondike days all day ride passes off the radio the other day, I expect to be putting those to good use! Klondike days, for those of you not in the know, is an archaic excuse to bring the fair to town on an annual basis. There isn’t much left to it nowadays that is ‘Klondikey’, from what I’m told, but hey, any excuse to be tossed around and around and upside down on the rides and stuff myself with mini donuts to the point of barfing.

My landlord moved out of the house last weekend, movin’ on up to a place on the 10th green of the Millwoods golf course. I volunteered to help.
Hindsight is 20/20.
How so much stuff could be crammed into one house and garage, I will never know.
A full, full-sized moving truck. A rented U-haul, filled twice over. Two pick-up trucks, one filled once, one filled twice. We started at 10 am or so, 7 of us. The drop-outs started around 1:00 pm. By the end of it, 5 still remained, though all moving considerably slower than in the morning. Throw 30 degrees and humidity into the mix, and you had one sweaty, tired bunch. Total disarray, not like we actually organized anything that was moved, it was just from point A to B, that was it. But Ruth, my landlord, very generously paid for the services, something not normally expected when one volunteers, so that made it worth while!

Other than that, I’ve just been working away, mooching food and movies off of Suzanne, now that my house is void of TV and internet, and is in a general shambles as I and my roommate prepare ourselves for our own move-outs in a few weeks.

Oh, by the way, if anyone else wants to volunteer to feed me, I wouldn’t say no :)

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