January 31, 2005

aahh, the wonders of the natural world. this is just randomly off a roadside, actually not more than 15 feet from the road. no good stories abotu me hiking anywhere for miles or anything.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Stoo...I'm glad to see you are feeling better!!! Hope you are enjoying being home, going to Second Cup while I'm at work isn't the same without you!!! Have a good semester at school and e-mail me soon.

The Greatest Brown Person You Know

Lindsay Van Boom said...

Ha ha ! you got pictures on there that is impressive! anyways good job stoo!!! and good day.....!!! I wish i lived there and we might...well in penticton if we dont get thsi house we put an offer on so ha ha! I might too! so you wont be able to rub it in anymore...nice pic by the way!