January 11, 2005

BlogAid for Tsunami relief

Hey folks, just a quick one here!!

In an effort to help raise funds for the aid of those affected by the tsunami disaster in Southy Asia, bloggers and those that visit blogs now have a quick and easy way to donate money...

You can help the victims of this terrible natural disaster by going to friends blogs ( Not mine, unfortunately... I have neither the technical know-how to get ads on my blog, nor the number of hits per month to make it worth while), and clicking on the ads they have. The owners of the blogs can then help by pledging the proceeds of any advertising they have on their site for the month of January to a relief agency of their choice. It basically works like this. Bloggers sign up to have ads placed on their blogs. people click on the ads. a portion of ad revenue then goes to the blogger. Well, for the time being, that money can be pledged by the blogger to a relief effort in South Asia.

In the top right of this blog, you should be able to see a button that says 'next blog'. That will take you to someone elses' blog that has such ads in place. Or, if you know of friends with blogs containing ads for which they get revenue, go to them and get mouse happy!

that's it folks! happy clicking! found a 'quote of the blog' that seems approproate to tsunami stuff, such as early warning systems, the world helping its communities in times of strife, etc...

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." -- Unknown

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