November 16, 2009

Quiz Results and Hawaii Pictures!

Well, I have returned to Vancouver after two weeks on the Hawaiian island Of Kaua’i. The Hawaiian hex essentially left us alone, I’m pleased to report, though Kate took a beating on her very first day of body surfing, and she ruined her shoulder and got a brutal knock on the noggin. Near as anyone can figure, she hit a sea turtle full on (they like to surf in the waves, too). Also, the member of our party with lyme disease—who was feeling much better, thanks—rolled her ankle quite badly, doing nothing more adventurous at the time than walking down the sidewalk.

Hawaii was lovely. Lush greenery and azure blue seas, marine life,lazy days on the beach, delicious fruits bought from road-side stands, warm southern breezes, sounds of the lapping ocean wherever we were, and the occasional tropical rain storm rolling though just to amaze us.

So yes, we cheated on Vancouver for a few weeks, and we loved every minute of it.
Like a scorned lover, however, Vancouver gave us glorious views of snow-capped North Shore mountains as we flew back in to town, as if to say “Yeah that’s right, see how good I’m lookin’?” , Just before clouding over and releasing what has so far been a near unrelenting dump of winter rain and wind upon us.


Enough chatter. At least a few of you didn’t come here to hear me wax poetic about Hawaii. You want chocolate covered macadamia nuts... so... Drum roll please...

With 21 entries (at least 220 people read the blog entry... what, you don’t like free stuff? Oh well, less work for me, figuring out a winner), I have to report that there were... zero correct entries! Maybe I should've let family play after all :) So, all the names went into a hat for the goodies and from said hat I have withdrawn the name of:

Marina C. From Vancouver!

This is win-win, because she’ll be getting some delicious packets of macadamia nut treats, and I won’t have to mail them anywhere!

So for those interested, here is the answer key for the quiz! Beyond that, a link to pictures from our two weeks in paradise. Enjoy!

1.True – Dec. 16, 1999, I lost my digits and my seat on a plane to Maui. D’oh.
2.True – a young friend of the family landed in BC Children’s hospital with a staph infection in his leg, which he contracted just days before his family was to travel to Hawaii.
3. False – totally made up.
4. T rue– all true, but rest assured, we had a fine officiate and a good family friend at that. These things work out as they should in the end 
5. False-totally made up.
6. True-happened to my brother, but he was determined to travel and he did!
7. T rue - ...and when he and the family were camping on what they thought was a quiet spot in their camper van, the police put an end to their silent night.
8. True... and False -- trick question...the event did take place, but I didn’t know anyone on the flight!
9. True – the incident made headlines all over North America.
10. T rue– As alluded to in the first paragraph of this entry. As far as anyone can tell, the Lyme disease was caused from a tick bite, but no one is sure. As for the ankle, it turned all sorts of pretty colours, needed lots of ice, and gave her a nice limp, but all’s well that ends well ;)

There’s a nice picture of the rolled ankle in the following photo album, along with lots of other purdy pics of our trip!

So there you have it! thanks for playing the home game! Until next time then!


Anonymous said...

Sure Stuart, rub it in!! Glad you had a great holiday. We all deserve a break away from our everyday doldrums. U. Pat is no longer working. On EI at the moment and doing glass projects to keep himself occupied. Take care and give Sacha a big kiss for me. L. A. Bev

stoo said...

Thanks A. Bev! that's the first two week vacationt hat kate and I have taken since spring of 2006, so it was very welcomed!
hey, I'd say U. Pat's timing to move to glass work is well timed what with the beautiful stuff he does, and the Christmas shopping season coming up fast!

Bloggy Mama said...

Glad you had a refreshing time. Loved the pictures.