May 4, 2014

Post-winter survivor guilt

They say that survivors experience a level of guilt in the wake of a tragedy; knowing that they made it through what so many others did not.

I kind of have this feeling about the winter that is now behind us. Or is behind me, anyway. Seems it's still going on in other parts of the country.

For most of the country, 'snow' became another of those nasty four-letter words this year. Each day, folks would wake up, knowing they'd have a foot of the white stuff to take off their driveways and cars, and do it in -20 temperatures.
Granville island at False Creek

Unless, of course, you live on the Pacific west coast.

*awkward silence*

To the rest of the country--continent, almost--I'm sorry.

I'm sorry it's been Spring for weeks now, but parts of the country keep getting some snow, or freezing weather.

I'm sorry that we had mere inches of snow for a week or less.

I'm sorry that we only dipped into the negative "extreme" temperatures (-10, max) for that same week, somewhere way back in November, or December or something. Maybe January. Whatever. it was so fleeting I've already forgotten it.

I'm sorry that we've been doing yard landscaping for weeks now and cleaning up for Spring.

The walkway project in our yard is coming along! 
I'm sorry that half the photos on my twitter account have been of cherry blossoms in Vancouver... for more than the past month.
This photo was taken on March 13th. Enough said.

I'm sorry my local friends are starting to visit the beaches on the weekends.

We've experienced bike riding, no-jacket weather, eating on the patio in the sunshine and wearing shorts on Saturdays. Yeah, there's rain here and there, no denying it. but at 10 degrees and above--20+ for a few days there--who cares? We have nothing, NOTHING to complain about.

Yeah, this was taken on March 13th as well.
But look, boots. There was a touch of mud. Pity us. 
So to...pretty much everyone outside the south Coast and Pacific Northwest... really, really sorry.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go ride my bike under a canopy of fresh spring blossoms.

No, I'm not kidding. I shot this on my way to work a few weeks back.

OK, that's enough gloating. I've been off the blogging wagon for a bit--more of a catch-up in the next edition!

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