April 28, 2004

It's been weeks since I used this thing... school and work has had me running my feet off, but I've finished my classes for this terms, so now I have tons of free time! I spent all of last weekend with the nagging feeling hanging above me that I had to get to some homework. Alas, I did not! Huzzah!

IN any case, the new found freedom was celebrated at a friend's birthday fooferah. Good times had by all, save the wind-blown dumpster that attached our car on the way to the house. It was as though a poltergeist took ahold of this dumpster in the back alley of his apartment building. The dumpster jerked away from the wall of the alley, blocking our path. All of a sudden the wind flipped up the lid, and it hurtled towards us, aided by this new sail. We had to slam it in reverse to avoid being hit by the thing! I got out and pinned the dumpster against the wall while my friend pulled the car by. Even then, the dumpster was trying to get away again...

Hi drama I tell ya! And as for the rest of the night, drunken debauchery ensued! Well, I was the DD, so not for me, so I excelled at playing pool whilst the masses fell around me... Good times....

hey, a website suggestion for all y'all... try out www.bored.com should youhave time to kill. a plethora of mindless crap to entertain you should you have anytime to kill!

Right, that'll do it for now! Spring has reached Edmonton (thank goodness), so I think I'll head out and enjoy some sun beofre work today! later!

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